Lincoln’s Dilemma - Don Bernier
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Lincoln’s Dilemma


“Notably inclusive… providing trenchant insights into attitudes on race in Lincoln’s moment, and ours.”
–Daniel D’Addario, Variety


“Richly detailed both in its portrait of the president’s character and that of the nation itself.”
–Dorothy Rabinowitz, Wall Street Journal


“A thoughtful, intriguing four-part documentary series… cutting through myth and legend and, yes, fake news.”
–Bill Goodykoontz, USA Today / The Arizona Republic


“Thought-provoking… Now more than ever, it’s a story worth hearing.”
–Mike Scott, The Advocate /


“A dramatic and compelling watch… an unflinching look at Lincoln’s role in the abolition of slavery in America.”
–Joel Keller, Decider


Lincoln’s Dilemma, a four-part Apple Original documentary series, is a fresh exploration of President Lincoln and the nation’s complex journey to end slavery. Narrated by Jeffrey Wright and featuring the voices of Bill Camp as Abraham Lincoln and Leslie Odom Jr. as Frederick Douglass, the series is a 21st century examination of a complicated man and the people and events that shaped his evolving stance on slavery. Set against the background of the Civil War, Lincoln’s Dilemma also gives voice to the underrepresented narratives of enslaved people, shaping a more complete view of an America divided over issues of race, humanity and equal rights. Bernier edited episode one, “The Anti-Slavery Candidate” and episode four, “A Sacred Effort” – both directed by Jacqueline Olive. The series was produced by Kunhardt Films for Apple TV+.




Barak Goodman

Jacqueline Olive


Don Bernier
Julie Hwang (co-editor)
Sandrine Isambert
Elisabeth James

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