Extreme By Design - Don Bernier
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Extreme By Design


“Vividly brings to life an educational sensation at Stanford University by capturing the experience of 40 students… as they design and build products that may save thousands of lives.”


Extreme By Design: follows three Stanford University graduate students who undertake designing life-changing products for the world’s poor. During a strenuous five-month course, the students learn off-the-wall design methods, travel to impoverished towns in Bangladesh and Indonesia, and race to build devices that local communities can afford. By opening their hearts to other cultures and experiencing the power of innate creativity, the students end up redesigning themselves. A co-production of Hawkview Pictures and Kikim Media, directed by Ralph King.




Ralph King

Michael Schwarz


Don Bernier

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  • Extreme By Design (directed by Ralph King and Michael Schwarz), a film edited by Don Bernier about young social entrepreneurs at Stanford University, will make its broadcast premiere on PBS on Wednesday, 12/11/13, at 10pm. Check your local listings....